Orientation and Expat Support Program

Take advantage of our orientation program either before you decide to relocate or once you have made the decision so that you may get better acquainted with the city within the Dominican Republic where you will be relocating.

This progra includes:

  1. Needs assessment
  2. Welcome guide
  3. AR Relocation 24-Hour Emergency Card
  4. Orientation tours

City Tour
Get to know the city and acquire a better understanding of distances, amenities, and variety of services available in the different residential and commercial areas.

School Tour
Get to know the variety of education programs offered in the city that may be of interest to your family.  The tour includes short visits to day care centers, preschools, schools, universities, language training centers, extracurricular activity centers and child recreational areas. The agenda of visits is coordinated according to your needs.

Financial Tour
Visit banks, car dealers, furniture and appliance stores, department stores, supermarkets, pharmacies, gyms and other commercial establishments so that you may acquire pricing information that will help you have an overall idea of your cost of living budget.

Special Needs Assistance Tour
We will assign a counselor to escort you as well as coordinate everything necessary to solve important matters such as vehicle purchase/rental, obtain a drivers license, open a bank account, purchase a mobile phone, medical visits and legal assistance.

NOTE: Each tour is designed according to the interests and needs of each of our clients. The tours are provided by one of our relocation counselors who will guide you in the language of your preference.