Virtual is our new motto

We use virtual resources to get

our work done.


Global mobility management software came to help you and us manage securely your entire process in more efficient and effective ways.

Most importantly gives you and your employer access to information related to your entire process in real time.

Many companies currently communicate and operate through the use of emails and spreadsheets that when used excessively can become tedious and inefficient. We are proud to partner with Relotalent to help us move away from procedures that are paper heavy and outdated, keep track of key compliance dates and manage all the information relevant to your relocation. ReloTalent enables our company to engage in global mobility and reduce compliance risks, increase data protection, and increase customer satisfaction.

Virtual services

For those expats who require reduced social contact programs or have limited face to face time availability, we use virtual resources like recorded and live videos and video calls on site in the various places whenever possible.


Successful partnerships allow us

to expand to other locations.


Through its affiliation to HRS Relocation International, Acra Relocation enhances its servicing capabilities by offering immigration and destination services in other locations. HRS’s professional network is comprised of skillfully trained destination consultants and immigration experts in 23 countries throughout Latin American countries and the Caribbean, including Haiti.  This allows us to service you both inbound and outbound.

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Physical not Social, Distancing.