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Every service is tailored to our client’s needs.

We handle your immigration process and help you become familiar with the country, cost of life, residential and commercial areas as well as manage efficiently your home search, school search and settling-in process.

We are able to provide solutions to all of your needs.

Immigration Service

Our in-house legal staff of bilingual professional experts in immigration matters will manage your application process for any the following: 

  •  Work Visa (NM1 and DPM Visa)

  • Business Visa (NM Visa)

  • Residence Visa (RS Visa)

  • Investor’s Visa (RS Visa)

  • Temporary Residency (RT3 and RT7)

  • Temporary Residency Renewals

  • Permanent Residency (RP1)

  • Fast Track Permanent Residency

  • Permanent Residency Renewals

  • Work Visa and Residency Cancellations

  • Acquisition of local documents & certificates

  • Apostilles, notarizations and translations

  • Validation of School Report Cards and Degrees at the Ministry of Education

  • Dominican Driver’s License

  • Dominican Nationality

  • Travel permit for minors

  • Re-entry travel cards

  • Other legal services


Home Search

Finding a suitable home within the assigned budget and procuring an appropriate lease negotiation is of vital importance for the overall success of any relocation.  We take care of every aspect related to your home finding process. 

  • Information about housing and real estate in the Dominican Republic

  • Pre-screening of properties according to selection criteria

  • Presentation of viable property options

  • Coordination of agenda to visit properties of interest in company of an assigned Acra Relocation counselor

  • Lease agreement negotiation, lease elaboration and coordination of signature

  • Pre-occupancy inspection and inventory check

  • Liaise with realtor and landlord

  • Formal move-in inspection

  • Content insurance


Take advantage of our orientation program to get better acquainted with the city during your previsit and during your final move.  Aligning expectations early on will put you on a successful path towards better decision making.

• Country Briefing with an Acra Relocation consultant at our office or virtual

• Welcome packet and country guide

• Acra Relocation 24-Hour Emergency Number

City Tour (amenities, cost of living, places of interests, medical centers and commercial areas)

Housing Tour (visit residential areas and sample properties)

School Tour (day care centers, preschools, schools, universities)

Financial Tour (banks, car dealers, telecommunication providers, appliance stores, furniture stores, supermarkets, pharmacies, gyms)


School Search

Finding the right school is critical for expatriates with children. Our expert consultants will help you identify the schools that better fit the profile of your child and the needs of your family. 

  • Information about the education system in the Dominican Republic and the variety of schools that exists

  • Accompanied visits to schools of your choice (day care centers, pre-schools, elementary and secondary schools, and universities)

  • Accompanied visits to extracurricular program centers of your choice (academics, language, art, dance, drama, music, sports, tutoring and specialized therapy)

  • School application support​

  • Validation of School Report Cards and Degrees at the Ministry of Education


Cross Cultural Training

Our cross-cultural training session will give you a broader understanding of Dominican culture and behavior patterns to help you anticipate what you may encounter in everyday life, and particularly, in your corporate environment so you may be better prepared to achieve successful results, specially among your local peers at work.

  • Understanding emotional phases in the relocation process

  • Introduction to the Dominican Republic

  • Daily life in the host country

  • Understanding cultural patterns

  • Managing cultural differences

  • Etiquette and protocol for socializing in the host country

  • Etiquette and protocol for working and doing business in the host country

  • Skills to get what you need when you need it


Temporary Living Accommodations

We can assist in finding a suitable temporary living accommodation for you prior to your definite move and while you wait for your household goods to arrive. This service is also ideal for short term assignments and for executives on extended business trips.

  • Information about temporary living accommodations in the Dominican Republic

  • Search for options as per criteria determined

  • Booking of temporary accommodation

  • Payment facilitation if required

  • Coordination of additional services and repairs if necessary


Settling-In Assistance

We coordinate the installation of all private and public services required so that you may quickly feel settled into the host country.

  • Coordination of repair services prior to property move-in

  •  Connection of utilities (electricity, fixed landline, mobile, cable, internet and all other utilities that may apply)

  • Bank accounts

  • Vehicle acquisition

  • Property, personal belongings, vehicle and health care insurance

  • Property, vehicle and health care insurance


Departure Program

The Departure program is designed to expedite the process of repatriation so that you may focus on the relocation back home or to the new destination country.

  • Landlord notification letter regarding property return and lease cancellation

  • Pre-Inspection of property, coordination of repairs and cleaning for property return

  • Accompanied walk-through with landlord during property return

  • Assistance with reimbursement of deposit

  • Cancellation of all utilities and services

  • School and medical records retrieval

  • Coordination of international movers’ services


Tenancy Management

We take over the burden of property maintenance related issues. Our consultants are present during all property inspections and provide detailed reporting to our clients.

  • Management and coordination of maintenance issues and repairs

  • Lease renewal negotiation and lease elaboration

  • Payment facilitation for rental and utility payments

  • Liaise communication between the landlord and tenant

  • Property inspections and reports


Face to Face Services

Our consultants are available to assist you and your family during times of heightened stress.

  • Accompaniment during hospitalizations and medical emergencies or appointments

  • Accompanied visits to the police for reports of any kind

  • Accompanied visits to the department of motor vehicle

  • Accompanied visits to stores to purchase furniture and appliances

  • Accompanied visits to get the Dominican Driver’s License

  • Accompanied visits to the Ministry of Education

  • House repair supervision

  • Assistance with hiring house hold employees

  • Assistance in the training of house hold employees

  • Practical training regarding driving in the Dominican Republic

  • Accompanied assistance during emergencies of any kind


Additional Solutions

There is more we can do for you.

  • Furniture Rental

  • Language Training

  • Spousal support

  • Insurance

  • Pet import and export permits

  • Translation and interpreting services

  • House repairs and maintenance services

  • Properties for short term rental in vacation spots around the country

  • Assistance in acquisition or sale of real estate properties for investments

  • Furniture purchase assistance

  • Executive & VIP Transportation Services

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